Supporting strong community life lies at the heart of our business proposition

We pride ourselves in being partners of choice for residential societies when it comes to smart solutions integration. By always putting an emphasis on the needs of the community first, we have been able to leverage our portfolio of solutions and provide tangible, locality–specific and cost-sensitive benefits to our residents and real estate partners.

Integrating smart solutions for Indian communities

Our experience allows us to meet the needs of local people and their expectation of smarter services. As well as providing smart technological services which meet the daily requirements of residents, our unique offering that combines a Community Manager and the Planet App means we are well-positioned to offer tailor-made and highly specific solutions to our residents and partners.

Tangible benefits for homeowners and real estate developers

Environmental sustainability is central to our projects. Thanks to our technological expertise, IoT infrastructure and algorithm-driven decision-making processes, we are able to generate more efficient energy consumption across our projects. Our dashboard also simplifies the control and daily monitoring of infrastructure operations.