We integrate innovative smart solutions, enhancing quality of life and reducing costs

Our Smart Solutions integration combined with our unique Planet App and Community Manager result in a first-of-its-kind service never seen before in India. Our model works internationally and has proved successful in countries like Brazil and Italy. 

We apply our research-led methodology and the expertise of our multi-disciplinary teams to leverage global best practices and cutting-edge technologies, which are informed by local demands and cultural realities, to elevate the quality of life of residents. 

Supporting strong community life lies at the heart of our entire business proposition. We do this by giving our residents the tools they need to improve their quality of life. Our team of experts selects the most innovative ideas, products and best practices to suit the needs of each project. 

Our global experience has given us a deep understanding of the requirements of different communities. We bring this understanding to India – a market as vibrant as it is diverse.


Smart solutions integration

With our tried and tested global best practices and state-of-the-art technologies, combined with a deep understanding of the Indian market, we are ideally suited to deliver the advantages of smart living.

Planet App

The Planet App is the management panel of each community. It allows residents to access many of the smart solutions available in the community, acting as a one-stop shop for all the various services.
Layer 3

Community management

Our Community Managers are the catalysts that enrich the life of our residents. This unique initiative ensures that we are always in touch with the expectations of our communities.